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sexta-feira, 18 de junho de 2010

Old drawing with a story

Some years ago, a coulpe of friends who had a daughter in primary school asked me to make a drawing to enter a competition. It was about planting some trees along a new highway (A23). Relatives and friends of the students could participate. The girl won 1st prize with my drawing (I wonder how the others looked like...), and all the class were offered T-shirts with it. I was very glad with the outcome because the class even won a day trip to the zoo.
I almost forgot about this, when I saw the drawing again today, this time in a campaign, in Facebook, against tolls in this highway, which was made to be free and should continue so.

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ana monteiro disse...

...há uns tempos atrás lembro ter visto este desenho pensando ter sido da autoria da miúda...