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segunda-feira, 21 de junho de 2010

Multi purpose post

I found this old candle wall lamp on the sidewalk next to the garbage. I first saw an old small chair when I was driving. It was so anexpected that I drove near to check it. The clothe on the seat and back was very old and dirty, and I didn´t have room in my car to take it. Then I noticed a basket with this lamp inside. It´s made of glass and tin, or some other metal, 40x32x12 cm. I brought it home, cleaned it and talked to a guy in a workshop who made a good jod at welding the missing parts (not painted yet).

The back, with a small door and the hole to put the candle:

Tonight, at about 9, I was driving home when I noticed this little fellow on the road. I stop the car and put him in a bag and brought him home. I gave him some aple to eat. Tomorrow I´ll set him free, far from the roads, as some idiots will try to run over hedgehogs whenever they see one ...

And now, for something completly diferent, these are two excelent books I read. The one by the finish writer Arto Paasilinna, try to find it in a language near you, and read it. The one in english is about the role of the portuguese in starting the process of globalization, in the XV th century. I´ll send it to the first person who tells me his or her adress, outside of Portugal. I´ll ship anywhere.

Good night.

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Olinda disse...

Adorei o candeeiro que recuperaste.