"There are some enterprises in which a careful disorderliness is the true method". Herman Melville

"I know nothing but miracles." Walt Whitman

domingo, 27 de maio de 2012

Jay Howell´s characters arrive at portuguese cable tv

Jay Howell makes excelent funny characters, like these in "Bob´s Burguers".
The Adventure Club
Don´t Worry Little Buddy

sexta-feira, 25 de maio de 2012

Paul Bakker

Paul Bakker is a dutch-australian painter living in Cairns. Here are some of his lattest works. Previously ´he complained that his criativity had left him, gonne for some hollidays, but now it seems it has returnned envigorated. Enjoy and go to his blog: http://paulbakker.id.au/

quarta-feira, 16 de maio de 2012

A walk down memory lane - Queenburgh

I spent the last weekend in Queenburgh (the locals call it Coimbra), a university town where I lived for some years in the late seventies, early eighties. I hadn´t been there for some years. Some photos:
I lived on that attic, the one on the right lit by the sun. In front there was this old ruin of a monastery. Now it´s even more ruinous. There was also a big chestnut tree that has been cut down.
The famous entrance to the old university headquarters:
This is a beautiful old library. But the entrance ticket is 7 euros, a rip off.
Sudenly I look up and saw an angel made of stone on the roof and he seemed to be looking over me...
(more photos soon)

segunda-feira, 14 de maio de 2012

Recent painting

This is the step-by-step of my recent painting. The final painting has some little details, but I haven´t photographed it yet... There´s no denning I painted this, because my fingerprints are all over. I once thought of a more sofisticated process for identifying my paintings in the future (if that problem ever arises), and it consists of adding to the oils small bits of my hair, cut thin with scisors. You would just have to take a sample, use the adequate DNA technics to find out if it matches my DNA fingerprint.

quinta-feira, 10 de maio de 2012

My garden smells so good right now!

El Puño Invisible

This is an excelent book about the cultural changes in the XXth century, from Marinetti and Dada to punk and reality tv. I was glad to read here an idea that had occured to me back in 2001: that the vulgarity and medeocrity of reality tv is a direct consequence of the avantgarde movements, the claims of everybody being an artist and everyday objects and actions being manifestations of art... Now highbrow art critics should not complain, they should even rejoyce, because, for the first time in the histoty of western art, programs like Candid Camera, Big Brother or The Jerry Springer Show, managed to reconcile avantgarde and the taste of the masses. This book is very well writen and it reminded me of Roberto Bolaño´s "Los detectives selvages", the speedy cinematic quest for some cultural Graal by young restless souls...

domingo, 6 de maio de 2012

Os Gemeos

This is my drawing by Os Gemeos:

quinta-feira, 3 de maio de 2012

Fashion and Architecture

I found a house that was dressed in the same colors that I wore!
ART and ARCHITECTURE I found a house that was dressed in the same colors that I wore!

Van Morrison Wavelenght