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domingo, 13 de junho de 2010

More Os Gemeos

On June the 12th I went to see the big painting that Blu and Os Gemeos made in Lisbon. Some photos:

The painting on film.

On the facade of the next building there´s this painting by Sam3.

On the same day I went to visit the Gulbenkian art center. There was this house inside, with the walls made of blackboards where people could write or draw anything with chalk. I thought it was an excelent oportunity to promote this blog, and that´s what I did...

2 comentários:

madalena cary disse...

Será o Sam3, o autor da pintura no prédio ao lado do dos Gémeos?

Jaime Braz disse...

Sim , Madalena, é o Sam3. Obrigado.