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sexta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2011

Pregnant Praying Mantis

I like Praying Mantis, they look like creatures from another planet. Tonight I just saved this female from drowning in the rain. She was laying on the sidewalk (12ºC) bearly able to move, and I brought her inside, cleaned the water from her body with a tissue paper, and put her in a box. I hope she will be able to lay her eggs soon. If she does, I´ll take care of the eggs and I´ll watch the little praying mantis when they are born next Spring. My little step-sons and daughters...

This insects are good pest controls in the garden. In the USA you can buy eggs, watch them hatch in June, and release the little insects in the garden. Some people keep mantis as pets, feeding them flyes, aphids and a variety of bugs.

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bunny mazhari disse...

You have a very good heart Jaime!