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quinta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2011

Algarve Gin Tonic

Now, witness the birth of a classic!
You saw it first here!
A couple of years ago portuguese authorities launched a campain to promote Algarve as a tourist destination for english speaking folks, they anglicizing the name of the province to "Allgarve".
To name this variation of gin tonic I invented, I also decided to anglicize a name of a town in Algarve, called Almancil.
So, this Gin Tonic is called ALLMENSILLY !!!!
It´s a simple recipy. You just add carob flour to your usual gin tonic, and it tastes delicious!
The ingredients:

Mix a small spoon of carob flour with ice.

Add gin and stir.

Add the tonic.

You should try this at home.

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