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terça-feira, 5 de abril de 2011

Tiffany Bosic and that ineffable feeling

Tiffany Bosic is a young american painter living in California, who paints very beautiful, detailed, allegoric and surreal flora and fauna, like scientific illustration with a twist. Reading an interview with her in this blog that goes by the exalted name "My love for you is a stampede of horses" (for both, see links on the left), I came across this reference to a feeling I used to have while half-asleep, a very pleasant one. I had never commented it with anyone, as it is so dificult to explain. Here is what Tiffany said, refering to this painting:

"I created the sphere of mice painting that I just mentioned, to try to describe what I call the "big little dream", where everything seems microscopic and larger than the galaxy at the same time. It's the 4 am dream that some people get."

If one tries to put it to words, "everything seems microscopic and larger than a galaxy, at the same time" is a good try. I would add that one does not feel the body in the normal way, but it rather seems to be light and vibrating. And no, this altered state of mind is not drug induced.
I´m sure Carl Gustav Jung must have writen about it. If anybody knows about, or experienced it, please contact me.

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