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domingo, 5 de dezembro de 2010

Eating meat and fish without killing animals.

Yes, it´s possible. Realy pork, veal, tuna, sardine, etc. in big slices, not any tasteless soya substitute. And complying with the buddhist norm of "Save all sentient beings", avoiding any sufferings to animals.
I had this idea some years ago and I guess I read about it last summer in a magazine or newspaper. I made a drawing: click to enlarge

In this way we would get blocks of diferent meat and fish, even from small fish, like eels and sardine, like those blocs of ham or paté. There would be no suffering, because no animal would be born nor killed, there would be no nerve cells and no nervous sistem to feel pain. Just muscle cells and tissue. The constant flow of water, oxigen and nutrients (vitamins, aminoacids, glicose, etc.) would work like a blood stream for the membrane with stem cells designed to produce muscle.
In this way one could have big slices of sardine or eel for sushi, and not just the small ones one gets from the actual fish.
There is another idea I had some ten years ago, also concerning biotechnology and food. I told this one to my students that went to university, hoping they would develop the idea: have olive trees produce olives in infructescences (clusters of fruits, like for instance, the grapes) instead of isolated small fruits that are so dificult to harvest. You would have to identify, extract and intruduce in the olive trees DNA, the gene that some plants have to make infructescences. Easier said than done, I know.

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