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domingo, 12 de setembro de 2010

Leonard Cohen, songs of despair and hope

Here are some photos of the memorable concert by Leonard Cohen in the Pavilhão Atlântico. They are a bit shaken, but the camera is not to blame, it´s just that I was singing along while photographing.
Leonard Cohen, 75, performed three hours and sang some new songs. I guess this concert could be called "Songs of despair and hope".
He has been writing some of the most beautifull poems about love, about the terrible prospects for humankind, and the possibilities of salvation, be it through love, satori or the comming of the Messiah. I´m among those who listen to him like to an oracle ("I don´t give a dam about the true, except for the naked true") and if the session is served with excelent poetry and virtuoso performers, it´s perfect. I got the impression that some of his most desperate songs were performed in the first half, and the most hopeful ones in the second...
When my time comes and I say to S. Peter that I atended all the concerts Leonard Cohen gave in Portugal, I´m sure he´ll say "Ok, come in."

A sample of hairstyles:

I saw this site specific sculputre in Gulbenkian gardens, by the brasilian artist Barrão:

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