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sexta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2010

Snail with poetry

I finaly finished this painting. On the snail shell I wrote some lines from famous poems.


Once I was watching an interview on tv, with an american or english scientist whose name I forgot, and at a certain point he said something extraordinary that I didn´t forget. He said that in the history of painting, there are many exemples of motives and styles that were influenced by science. One can easily think of three or four exemples: Op art and Optics, Surrealism and Psicology, some late Dali paintings influenced by atomic Phisics, etc. Now, he said he believed in the future we will see the oposit: science will be influenced by art! And he didn´t say thechnology, he said science!
Probabily someday a team of biothechnology experts will make snails with poems writen in their shells...

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Olinda disse...

Olá Suomi

Ficou lindo!
Já viste este quadro?http://sol.sapo.pt/blogs/olindagil/archive/2010/02/20/No-_FA00_ltimo-fim_2D00_de_2D00_semana-fui-ao-Museu-Nacional-de-Arte-Antiga-para-conhecer-Jer_F300_nimo-Bosch.aspx