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sábado, 23 de janeiro de 2010


I finaly went to see Avatar, the excelent 3D movie, and here are some notes:
Yes, it will be considered a milestone in the movies history.
It confirmed that suspected function of many hollywood movies: unoficial, sincretic big masses to convey religious messages all over.
The beings on that planet exhibit plausible features that have been described by exobiology experts: luminescence exists on Earth, in fireflies and in deep sea fishes, moluscs and crustacians; blue skin is probable, as it exists in mandrils.
I saw some references to zen: in the first dialogues between the avatar and the aliens, when the avatar expressed his willingness to learn the alien culture, he was told that "you can´t pour liquid in a full cup"; the taming of the alien hexapode "horses" and the beautifull flying dinossaurs ("the one who will treaten to kill you will be the chosen one"), and the organic, mental and intimate union they establish, reminded me of the zen story "The ten bulls", and of the lines in the Leonard Cohen song, inpired by that story, "Ballad of the absent mare":
"Now, the clasp of this union, who fastens it tight
Who snaps it asunder the very next night?
Some say the rider, some say the mare
Or is that love like the smoke,
Beyond all repair?"
It reminded me also of the lyrics Caetano Veloso´s song "Um Índio" (An Indian)
The formula: Vietnam war movies in another planet + Gregory bateson´s essays "Steps to an Ecology of Mind", particularly, "Conscious goal or Nature".
I liked it very much.

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Olinda disse...

Vejo que também gostaste do Avatar.
Nem percebo como tem sido acusado de xenófobo e criticado pela igreja católica.